Demo Regardless

Hey folks I ran into a few bugs last week  which I am still  now fixing and tinkering so  i've decided that later today i will release the pre-alpha demo regardless and will update it from then on wards. The build i am releasing is just to give people more of an idea of how the mechanics are going work. Please remember when playing that anything most likely will change further along into development. Any input from here on out will be very welcome good or bad!.  Please bare in mind that currently it is just one person working on this from now on wards until i can afford some help. The plan is to smooth out the Delivery Jobs and then i intend to implement a first iteration of the survival aspects that i have been working on. That will bring with it Buying Plots of land also to build on and also  a much bigger map with mountains, fields and forest and even coastline. I will also be implementing Boats, Helicopters and more cars along the way.  Once i have done  most of this i will start implementing traffic AI which will bring more life to the atmosphere.  Thats it for now i will crack on with work and get todays build ready  for releasing. Later!  

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