New Demo!

Hey Folks  i have released a new demo for you try out. I ran into a  last minute bug last night with the pause menu so i pulled the menu entirely for this build whilst i fix it so you will need to Alt-Tab to exit game for now. In the mean time i am going to fix the bug and will update this build with some new game play elements along with the pause menu over the next week or so. If you come across any bugs which I imagine you will please leave in comments in case i am not aware of them. for now accepting missions your only required to step into the indicator infront of the NPC. this will change in future builds. the  sounds are also mainly placeholder until i have got more solid game play and features in i wont really be  working the sound or music. 

Anyway check it  out! Any suggestions or complaints are welcome! :) later folks.


Simpoly Business Pre-Alpha.7z 168 MB
Mar 21, 2018

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